Our Expertise

Customer Operations


Nowhere more than in Customer Operations is pragmatism and common sense key for high financial performance and customer satisfaction. Both in after sales support and fulfilment. With a track record turning ailing customer support departments into market leading organisations and sound financial performance.

Change Management


Change Management is more than just a new organisation chart, the emotional impact on employees is often overlooked, lacking the right pragmatic approach combined with effective communication. Taking a pragmatic approach combined with good employee insights increases the chances of success and enhances employee satisfaction overall.

Business Architecture

Traditionally, Business Architecture (BA) is seen as a part of Enterprise Architecture (EA), focussed on the IT outcome, or even to justify the IT architecture. But it is more than process and data alone. It is a far more pragmatic approach to see EA as another resource in BA, where focus is on company vision and strategy alignment, to develop the right operational model, roles and functions within the operational structure within the market, financial resources and human capital constraints.

Global Reach


Pragmatic Operations can build on an extensive network reaching from UK, Europe Mainland, North America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Expertise ranging from CE Customer Service, Field service in CE and Energy, SCM and Change Management. Experienced in working in Multi-Cultural and Multilingual environments.

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Company Background

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Our Skills

  • Operations Management 90%
  • Change Management 75%
  • Process Implementation 85%
  • Business Architecture 95%

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